Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Potager Garden

For those who may wonder, "Just how big is her garden?" Here is a diagram of my potager. It's about 40 by 60 feet. What is a potager? It's basically a kitchen garden. I found an excellent explanation here at Avant Gardening and Landscaping blog. I also have additional land that contains fruit and nut trees and the chickens.

Everything in the drawing colored green is there already. The uncolored beds, irrigation (I'm relying on sprinklers) and the drainage system still need to be added. I'm doing this a little at a time as funds permit, but I'm really excited at the progress and expect to add the additional six long beds this spring.

I'm not especially fond of the square beds. I should have made them a little smaller in order to be able to reach the center easily. I rethought the size of the long beds after many achey backs. Mother Earth News Magazine says after much research they have come to the conclusion that 40 inch beds with 20 inch aisles are the best size for raised beds. It makes it simple and comfortable to reach any area of the bed. Since building two long beds this size, I agree whole heartedly. They are much easier to work than the square beds. Eventually I'll establish mostly perennial or long season veggies in these beds to reduce the need for reaching the center.

Byron recently finished the trellises for my muscadines and blackberries so I will be posting on them soon. There are two new potato towers in the center aisle. I'm trying to add a little verticle to my horzontal! Currently I am preparing for mulching by lining the paths thickly with cardboard.

Whew...There is so much to do. Making a list works best for me and checking off each item as it is accomplished. If I don't, I tend to lie in bed at night listing in my head all the things I forgot about!


Egghead said...

Thanks for letting me peek at your potager design. You are doing great and I still say I need Byron to come here to Oregon to build me stuff...

Pony and Petey said...

Yes, thanks SOOOO much for sharing this with us!!

I totally agree. I started out with 4 x 4 beds because that's what the Square Foot Gardener recommended. It was very uncomfortable trying to reach the middle squares = (

My garden is made up of 3 x 3 and 3 x 6 beds from Gardener's Supply and I enjoy this size so much better.

I wish they had had the 3 x 6 beds when I first started so that I could have saved space on walkways. You know us gardeners... always trying to eek out a bit more growing space!

I love your blog and I appreciate you sharing your home, family and wisdom with us, your loyal readers.

Pony = )

weekpicker said...

Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I think you might be interested in this potager in of all places, Missouri: