Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unnatural Disaster

I've discovered someone on YouTube, and I believe I'll be reviewing a lot of her videos for helpful hints. Her bread making series is extremely interesting and I will be trying her method soon. I just have to find a really big shallow wooden bowl. Now where can I find that.

Here is her video on tackling housework when it gets a bit overwhelming. At first I watched this video with mouth agape, and thought how does anyone let their house get in this condition in the first place? Well then, my next thought turned immediately to my sister Ginger and realize that yes it is possible for your house to quickly get into this unnatural disaster state. So to my sisters, except Melba, this is for you. (hee hee, snicker snicker)

Seriously, How do you tackle all that mess after a busy weekend or time in your life. Like for instance: Halloween? I woke up to piles of dirty costumes and laundry on the bedroom floors, thread, needles and fabric on the coffee table, leaves, hay, and clumps of mud on the tile, mugs, plates, and forks in the sink. bobby pins, rolled up socks and wet rags on the girls bathroom get the picture!

I always tackle the most smelly and obvious first. This is how my clean up day usually goes (after breakfast of course):

First decide what we are going to eat for dinner and take out of freezer if necessary

Gather all the dirty laundry and deposit in the laundry room

Get the first load of dirty clothes washing in the machine

Make up my bed (the girls clean their own rooms)

Remove burners and spray stove with vinegar spray (let set)

Unload and load dishwasher, wash any pots and pans

Wipe down stove, scrub stubborn stuff with borax

Scrub sink with borax and wipe dry

Change the table cloth put lovely centerpiece back on

Sprinkle Borax in the tub, sink and toilet (leave a while to do other things)

Finish picking up strewed items and deposit them where they belong (everything should already have a place)

Scrub bathroom fixtures and clean mirrors with vinegar water spray bottle

Sweep the entire house and vacuum up pile and corners with shop vac

Spot mop with damp mop

The rest of the day is spent working in the garden, cooking, going to appointments or meetings, or working on other projects or reading or blogging, while intermittently putting on laundry to wash, hanging them to dry, and folding and putting up.

If I follow this routine daily my house cleaning might average an hour a day. The only things I do not do everyday is dust, oil the furniture, vacuum the rug, clean the bathroom fixtures, wash linens, clean light fixtures, wet mop the entire floor. I only do these things as it becomes necessary or when I have a large block of time available. Also I routinely give things away that are no longer used, remove trash and de-junk. The best way to keep junk out of your house is not to bring it in.

Whew.....Now, how do you keep your house from becoming an unnatural disaster. Or is your house one and you're just happy with it...THANK YOU!


Miss Riya said...

I told you I must have A.D.D.!!!...My house isn't like hers, but that is the process I go through when cleaning. I first clear the sofa because looking at a tidy spot inspires me...then I make my bed...then I pick something up that belongs in the living room...then I pick up something in the livingroom that belongs upstairs so I carry it up there. I continue this random process till everything is in place!LOL I'm not alone. ;-)

Sandy said...

Thank you for your routine. It's great to get ideas. I have been a bit overwhelmed with too much going on (although not nearly as insane as the you tube piece - wow!) I do feel like I need to re-do my routine. Totally agree with the laundry & a clean kitchen improves a whole house. I'm impressed that you clean your bathrooms EVERY day ... does EVERYONE do this? My biggest problem right now is attacking "stashed stuff" that has accumulated in "stashing areas". Desk by computer. Closet in the Laundry Room. Tool area. I need to recommit to my committment to clutter maintainence! Thanks for the suggestions. -Sandy

Egghead said...

Ha ha that video was hilarious. She could be my mother who has a serious problem with housework. Lovely yard but awful house. OK enough said about that. Here is what I do on a regular basis. I keep a large laundry basket in my utility room and I daily go through the house and pick up things and put them away as I move back through the rest of the house. Our house is so long that if I didn't do it this way I would waste a whole lot of time going back and forth. I always daily clean my kitchen because I can't stand a dirty kitchen. I do straightening up all week long and every weekend I dust, mop and clean the bathrooms, change the bedding, laundry and ironing.I do vacuum the floors/rugs about every other day because living in the country stuff gets tracked in. If I keep up on it this way it really stays pretty clean. I think the key is not to let it get like that ladies (or my moms) in the first place.

Tiffany said...

What do ya mean how does one let the house get in that condition? That's CLEAN for my house!! Haha! Ok, maybe not but mine goes from zero to "call the health department" soooo quickly it's ridiculous. I really need to get a better system.

Sandy said...

Saw another post regarding keepin' up with the house work. I'm more of a once a week blitz gal. General up keep on a daily basis. But, bathrooms, floors, dusting, windows once a week. As this post says: Keeping up little by little like you described Kristi makes it less of a chore. I'm gonna try "The Kristi Challange" for one week and see how it goes.

Kristi said...

Sandy, Oh yes, do it, and then report back to us all or post on your blog how it goes. I've just developed this routine over time. With little ones, some everyday cleaning seems the only way to keep from being overwhelmed.

It did look in my post as though I clean my bathroom daily. Although I do straighten my bathroom daily and wipe off any really obvious smears or spills, I really only completely clean my bathroom once a week.

Egghead, I like the basket idea. I usually teeter back and forth across the house with overloaded arms from room to room replacing misplaced items.

Miss Riya, Maybe Eggheads basket idea might help you refine your method and become more efficient and focused in your cleaning. Although I've seen your house and its most always tidy.

Pony and Petey said...

Ok, this is just about the funniest home video I've EVER seen!! hahahaha

It has also made me feel very thankful that my house isn't as dirty or cluttered as I usually think it is.

Her cleaning philosophy is very much like Flylady's...if you clean one spot, that makes you feel so good that you're inspired to clean another spot, and so on.

I do like tackling a chore or something on my to-do list and then rewarding myself with a few minutes of computer time.

It never gets out of control...I'm always able to rest for 10 or 15 minutes and then go tackle another chore, knowing that once it's finished, I can have another computer break = )

Christy said...

I LOVE your blog!! I just discovered it today...from Lentils and Rice blog...but I'll for sure be back to visit again soon!!!

Melba said...

How can she stand it? I am my happiest in a clean, fresh smelling house. I can work better in a clean house, and I am a nicer person when my house is clean....Unfortunately, I am soooo busy these days, I really don't know what I would do without my wonderful housekeeper, Kassidy, otherwise known as "Cinderella" by her Maw-Maw Lay. Really, though, she likes it and in case anyone feels too sorry for her, she gets paid, and it's her choice! I may be weird, but I love to clean my house - it's relaxing. However, once it's clean DON'T DARE MESS IT UP! He He.

Melba said...

Oh yeah, one quick cleaning tip that I learned from my dear mother-in-law, always make your immediately makes your room look better. She also freshens her bathrooms daily. It is amazing how her house is never messy! I have been her daughter in law for nearly 25 years and have never seen it messy!

Sandy said...

Cheeseball alert: I gave you an award. Not to worry though, I gave you an out. =) You can go to LCCK to collect your award. (or better yet, just make sure you enter to win a pair of earrings!) -Sandy
(my cleaning project is going well, although slightly set back by the flu this week. Good news is, the boys didn't get sick! Stay tuned.)

Vikki said...

Clean? What's that?! Seriously, my hubby works full time, and although I'm disabled, I school my son at home. Son helps a lot with chores: emptying the dishwasher, taking the trash out, vacuuming, etc. Sunday is our big chore day (inside and out) but for the most part, things don't get done until we're expecting company. Vikki