Monday, November 10, 2008

A T & T 's fast response

Last Monday a large truck turned down my neighbor's small gravel orchard access road only to discover, WOW, this is the wrong drive. So, in an attempt to turn around and get back on the highway he snagged and pulled down not only the phone lines, but the electrical lines, the pole, all the birds perched on the lines, maybe a squirrel or two and didn't stop until he had disengaged himself completely from the mess.

All the while the truck driver strewed a tangled mess of wires all over the highway and railroad tracks, causing the train to stop and wait 24 hours for Entergy (the electrical company) to remove the live line. Luckily the train stopped before our driveway, and we didn't have to drive up the levee, down the levee and to the levee access road in order to leave our home. Our phone and Internet service A T & T, blessed us with their fast response time of seven days. I guess the important thing is that the truck driver didn't electrocute his silly self.

So the past week I have been Internet free. Since I live a happy TV free life, I was liberated from all the election drama! Hmmm, sometimes trouble is a blessing in disguise. An added bonus was that I only received calls from people I really wanted to talk too. You know, those who have my cell phone number.

The garden didn't take a break though. Fall and winter is a very productive month for our area. Limas, purple hulls, egg plant, collards, peppers, mustard, herbs are all producing nicely. Also my tomatoes are so much prettier than they were in the spring. I'm not sure when we'll have a frost. It's usually in December. I'll have to cover them.

The laundry line served double duty as an herb dehydrator! It worked pretty well.


Sandy said...

ok seriously, a) you say you're not good at gardening, but yet your harvests are HUGE. b) just how many raised beds do you have?? Just seems like a lot of goodies coming from the garden. I want to do more in mine next year -- I feel like I didn't produce as much as I would have liked. Everything looks incredible. Good work ... and, we missed you out here. -sandy
(no cable here, but we do have rabbit ears -- kudos for totally pitching the t.v. out the window)

Egghead said...

I am still wishing we had a longer growing season every time I see your produce. Gosh what a turkey that guy was that took out all the lines. Bet the utility companies love him as well.