Saturday, November 22, 2008

Around The House and Garden

Even though it was in the low 40's last night, there is still much blooming. The Cassia tree is covered with bright yellow blossoms. Very beautiful.
Remember these little scrawny helpless things two months ago? Here they are now doing just fine. There are four females and two males.
Even in the cold there are two African Irises blooming. The lantana is still putting out a few half hearted blooms.

My tomatoes are loaded with fruit. I'm hoping to ripen them on the vine. I concocted this homemade green house tent in hopes of raising the temperature around them a bit.

My tomatoes did so much better this fall than they did in the summer. I'm going to try and get them in the ground a few weeks earlier than I did these. After 15 years of gardening, although half heartedly at times (I was raising babies.), you would think I would have this all figured out.
It's still a work in progress. Although I admit I love each and every minute of it. With each success I am encouraged more and more. Don't give up, right?
Here is another view of my tomato tent. There shouldn't be any frosts until December. I'll have to get some additional bricks or stepping stones to hold the plastic tightly closed then.
My salad mixes are coming up nicely. I really feel like everyone should grow their own lettuce. It is one of the most simple things to grow. You just pinch off the baby leaves as you need them and leave the plant to keep producing.
Here is one of the broccoli plants. They are just huge. I'm looking forward to seeing how large a head it produces.
This is one of my cabbages. They also are very large. I planted two heirloom varieties. Drumhead and Dutch Wakefield Early (I think).
I harvested my first lavender blossoms and they are extremely fragrant. As you can see I'm still picking Lima's. Although I believe the purple hulls are ready to pulled up, I still got a couple of pods from them.
Just thought you might like to see a pic of my neighbor's citrus trees. They are sagging with fruit. That's with loosing quite a bit to Gustav. My neighbor has the most wonderful fruit stand. I'll have to do a post on it soon.


Egghead said...

Amazing to see that you still have things blooming. Love the tomato tent. It should hopefully do the trick.

Sandy said...

What a lovely area you live in. Love the citrus trees. We are down in the south for Thanksgiving visitng my parents in Naples, FL -- glad to have some 70 degree days, will make your tomatoes happy too!

Tipper said...

We had several good hard frosts here-so we don't have much left. Good to see you do!