Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Finally Here!

Finally, Our long awaited church cookbook! Our church is selling this cookbook to help finish the last details on the restoration of our church after Hurricane Katrina.
I am so excited about it because it includes a free DVD with video footage and photos of the destruction of New Orleans and our Parish St. Bernard after Katrina. It's not just depressing pictures of destruction, it also includes pictures of the courage and rebuilding efforts of the local people. The DVD really turned out great!!! Everyone I know is getting one for Christmas!
I'm so excited!
Also the cover is an award winning painting by local artist Terri Borison. I believe there might be prints of it available. I'll find out and let you know.


Melba said...

I am so excited! Can't wait to get my copy!

Egghead said...

Can anyone buy one? I would love to help out and it sounds wonderful. Oh never mind I just went and looked and I see where I can order it. I guess I should look before I talk. I can't wait. I love the dvd idea showing the video footage.