Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Around The House And Garden

Byron has semi finished the second chicken tractor. It still needs a cap on the ridge, a few details and a coat of paint. This tractor serves several purposes, it removes Cocktail the rooster from the sharp beak of the more aggressive rooster, puts him with three hens of the same breed (I'd like to hatch some eggs from them.), and allows them to safely free range.

Doesn't he look happy! Three ladies all to himself. He's such a good rooster too. He goes over to the food or any goodies I give them and bobs up an down while clucking in a manner that says, "Come over here and try this. It looks yummy." He always puts the ladies first. He even does a sorta dance for them occasionally. It includes spreading one wing towards the ground and shuffling sideways while bobbing in a "come hither" manner. If he had eyebrows, I'm sure he'd be raising them up down in rhythm. Such a Gentleman.
Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side.
The gorgeous arugula. I use it in salads, on sandwiches and wrapped around pepper jack cheese.
Bok Choy! I want to learn to make Chinese food.
The lavender is about to bloom. I'm going to make sachets!
The herbs are doing great!
This is drum head cabbage. I also planted a smaller variety, and they both seem to be doing well. I've had to pick some caterpillars off of them.
This is a stripped French Marigold. I bought the seeds when we visited Thomas Jefferson's home "Monticello" this summer. Yes, I'm going to save seeds from these!
The marigolds are planted in between the tomatoes. My tomatoes are doing really well this fall. The stink bugs have gone away, so maybe I'll get some this time. I need to build a frame with bamboo to drape a tarp over if a frost threatens. We should be OK until December. There's a patch of bamboo near the levee, and I cut them for garden trellising.


Vikki said...

I just found your blog and love it! We're going to move to a new place in the Spring where we can have chickens and will definitely be building a chicken tractor. We did well this year gardening, considering it was our first. Thanks for your blog! Vikki


ur pics are gud!!!!

Egghead said...

That chicken tractor turned out great! Good idea to separate the hens and rooster of your choice for egg hatching. They look very happy.

Kristi said...

Thanks Vikki and Sariyah Awan, and welcome to my blog!

By the way Egghead, when I checked out the site you sent me on chicken tractors, Byron cracked up laughing. That was exactly the site he got the idea from.