Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Homecoming Surprise

You would know our chickies would be old enough to lay just as we were to leave for vacation. My In-Laws for certain were tired of answering the question, "Any eggs yet?" We asked each time we called, and each time the reply was, "No eggs yet!".

We arrived back early Saturday morning, that afternoon LuLu was bragging about her first small blue egg. I really believe she was waiting on us to get back. She strutted back and forth cackling as I bragged on her labors. Later someone left a small white egg in a nest. Whoever deposited that egg wasn't as proud as LuLu, she didn't make herself known.

On Monday LuLu gave us another egg that is as large as any grocery store egg. I'm so impressed with LuLu and she seems to be proud of herself as well. I made scrambled egg sandwiches for the girls with the eggs we collected. Of course my girls agreed it was the best scrambled egg sandwich ever.

Our American History East coast tour was really fantastic. I'm certainly glad to be back home to church and garden, but I could have spent a little longer in Maine!!!


Egghead said...

Congrats on the eggs. It is like finding treasure each day isn't it? Your trip sounds wonderful.

JeanSkirtGirl said...

wow look at them egg's you lay hehe jokeing!! they look good to eat!!