Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bedroom Decorating Project

Finally my bedroom is beginning to come together. I figured out how to use my sewing machine I bought several years ago. Wow, it is so easy! Look out unfinished projects here I come. Here are the curtains and pillow I made. Monkeys, butterflies and fish are the main themes on the fabric and it has seventies look to it. I fell in love with the fabric and bought it before anything else.

See the little bear table peeking out beside the chair? That's a tribute to Byron. He loves bears and moose. The table brings in the bears without looking rocky mountain cabinish. I simply adore the framed embroidered corals from Tuesday morning. I also bought the rug there. The pink boxes underneath the dresser contain photos. I love to use boxes and baskets underneath things for storage and to disguise clutter. We have five people living in a 1650 square foot house so we must make each inch count.

Here are the baskets where I store books, lantern, heating pad, sketchbook and colored pencils etc... On the table is a lamp I bought at Goodwill when I first was married. I still love it. The small boxes on the table hide lip gloss, lotion, glasses, remotes, tiger balm and a small flash light. I love pretty boxes...functional and lovely. This is sorta like my immediate business station. The baskets contain CDs, crochet stuff, diaries, projects and mail. The box and suitcase hide misc stuff and photos. Then of course stacked on either side are books and magazines I am currently reading. The painting is one of the primitive paintings I like to collect from Goodwill.
I need a few more pictures and a beautiful pot to hold a tropical plant in the corner and I think I'll be done with the bedroom. When visiting Monticello we were told Thomas Jefferson died before all of his projects for his home were completed. I feel like this sometimes....on to the next project.....!


Jennifer said...

Talk about organized!!! I love it!!!

JeanSkirtGirl said...

I love your room!! You did a great job!! Looking good so far keep up the good work!!

love carmencita

Egghead said...

Kristi this looks wonderful. I especially love the color you painted your walls. It looks like such a lovely retreat. I love baskets too.

Melba said...


It looks beautiful! When you're finished with your house please come decorate mine.

Love you,