Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today's Harvest

This morning after getting the girls off to school, I grabbed my very fav cultivator tine hand garden tool and went out to see what how the potatoes did....And here it is!  My potato harvest!  This is by far the best number of potatoes that I have ever grown.  I feel confident that I will do even better next time. 

Trying and trying again is the key to succeeding with gardening.  Sometimes you just have to figure out what a certain veggie likes in your climate and garden.  That's why keeping notes is so important.  Now I know that potatoes and corn do best if planted in February here...even if I do have to protect them from the rare frost.  Those rare frosts have come a lot more often in the past two years.

Yes the potatoes are mostly a really nice size.  Seeing them next to the garlic makes them look smaller than they are.  The garlic is just really big!  I put three of the garlic in the horticulture show and people kept asking if it was elephant garlic.  Nope,  It's just really big garlic.  Thank you chickens for all that awesome fertilizer!

There's also some scallop squash, yellow squash and zucchini, bok choy, wax beans, and blue lake green beans.  I find the bush beans do best for me.  There's a red onion in there and some herbs:  parsley, thyme, and basil.  I think tonight's dinner will be completely from the garden!
Close up of my beautiful herbs and beans.
View of the garden from the front garden path.
This is one of my favorite plants for pots, angel wing begonias.  It does well when I forget to water it.  It gets a little leggy, but with a trim it bushes out nice and full.  It also roots easily in water. 


Texan said...

Nice harvest! I agree with you a person just has to keep trying with the garden. I was in a slump the last few days as the moles are pulling plants down into the ground faster than I can replace them! 2 foot tomatoes poof gone in one night. Several flowers, peppers, one elderberry bush, the list goes on... But I think we have them on the run now! I got a bit of a negative attitude but I am bouncing back, determined they will not get my garden!

I too find those angel wing begonias to be very easy to grow plants!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Kristi your harvest is "Mouth watering" :o) you did a fine job. Lucky you with a clothes line too :o(