Monday, May 9, 2011

So Much.....

There is so much going on right now...So many things to post about.....I may even post twice today......plenty for the rest of the week....I did not have a relaxing Mother's Day...busy...but not relaxing.  My husband let me know my gift was going to be on we'll see tomorrow!  On Sunday after church he wanted to take me to the "Air Show" at the base.  I'm sure this was a totally selfless gesture on his part, but I wanted to spend the day with my Mom so I declined.  Byron did pout for a while after...not sure why.

Our church gave a Mother's-Daughter-Grand Daughter- Friends Luncheon on Saturday for Mother's Day.  I volunteered to help with the decoration and a little entertainment.

This photo reminds me of our Ladies' meetings....lot's of socializing scarfing up good food, yakking and having fun.

Ladies' Meeting  
These 1/2 gallon mason jars are filled with flowers from my garden and tied with miscellaneous ribbons.  Afterwards we pulled the flowers out tied them with the ribbons and sent them home with ladies.  The jars I took home!  I'll have them if they need them again.  In the mean time they'll be holding my crop of green beans!
Our theme was A Farmer's Market.  My niece made these adorable swags to hang from the ceiling.  It's pretty paper folded in an accordian style and stapled into a circle, holes punched and threaded on twine.  Adorable!  The chalkboards are foam board sprayed with chalkboard paint then drawn with "farmer's market signs".  These are now donated to the young ladies' class to use.  The backdrop was covered with real and not so real quilts.  The one on the left is a very precious one my Grandmother Tera made for me.  We even had eggs, veggie and flower plants, and preserves for sale.  One enterprising little girl made adorable headbands to sell.  Buying plants and homemade things are the best!
My daughter was a hardworking helper that day and didn't eat her lunch until well after everyone else was finished.  Proud of that girl.
Getting ready for the generation gap game....Popular lyrics from songs of each generation are printed and given to the opposite generation.  They have to sing it without any prompting.  The results are hilarious.
Hmmmm...How do I sing this song.  Danita sorta sang/talked her's, Jennifer channeled her younger 80's hairband days, and Gail assumed that if she rapped would work.

Jennifer wondering what in the world she got herself into.
Angela and Judy won the crowns in the Mother/Daughter look a like contest!
Fun!  Hope you all were surrounded with lot's of love on Mother's Day!


JeanSkirtGirl said...

Dear sister kristi look's like yall had a blast on mother day! Love love the pic's. Look's like sister Jeniffer love's to sing to funny! Great choice yall pick for mother daughter day crown. Love carmencita

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

What a wonderful way to spend a Mothers Day. Everyone looks like they are really enjoying themselves.
Thanks for sharing and reminding me what fun can be.

Angela McCormick said...

We did have a blast! Thanks so much for all you did to make it a success!!!

McKenna said...

HaHa! I was the one who made those circles! The singing was HILARIOUS!! i like sister Gails the best! I LOST MAH KEYS!! IN THE GREEEAAAT UNKNOWN!!! and bla blA bla! it was funny!! I also worked.. I refilled peoples drinks.. It actually was really hard.... I was very thakful for the food!HAHA good job Sesie! p.s. thanks for helping me Joellie!