Monday, May 2, 2011

Around The House And Gardens

Every morning the the guara is vibrating and buzzing with bees.  By the afternoon they've moved on and the guara is silent...I guess the nectar flows in the guara best in the morning?...
The first gladiola has bloomed, and it is beautiful.
My onions are beautiful this year.  This is the first year I have had any significant success with onions.  Not for the lack of trying.  Year after year I have planted and failed with onions.....with just have to keep makes the success all the more sweeter!!!  Yes, this red onion is really sweet tasting as well!
White onions plumping up!
Cherry tomatoes...mmmm....
Little yellow squash...I'm keeping a close eye out for squash vine borers.  If you see saw dust looking crumbs at the base of your squash plants you know you've got them.  The only way to get rid of them is surgery that may or may not work.  Cut a slit long ways (along the length of the vine not across) at the end of the trail the vine borer has made through the vine stem.  Peel it open gently and find the vine borer and pull the disgusting little thing out and squish it.
Here is a vine that volunteered.  I love never know what you may get.  This is maybe a cross between a squash and a gourd???...hmmm....pretty anyway.
A view across the garden.
Big juicy blackberries are ripening on the trellis near the levee.
Baby muscadine grapes.
I'm already harvesting garlic.  The small creole garlic matured first and then this much larger variety I bought at a local grocery store.  It's really beautiful...I love the textures, colors and the way it looks all piled up after pulling.  See the rosy tint underneath the dirt.  I find the garlic matured pretty quickly this year.
Romaine lettuce seeding.
Butterfly bush.
This is the bento I made my girls this morning.  I know...ladybugs again.   I'm still new at this and need to learn some tricks!  The flowers are rice cooked in pink tinted water with pickled okra centers.  There are carrot flowers, of course the babybel cheese ladybug, Ritz crackers and cheese hearts, dried cranberries and candied pineapple with a couple of ginger snap rounds.
Here is a site that shows how to make cute things with food!  I can't wait to peruse it more!
Cute Food For Kids

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JeanSkirtGirl said...

Dear sister kristi WoW! Your garden has come so far along.. The girls lunches look so so yummy... The pic's are great thanks for sharing love carmencita