Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Around The House And Gardens

You've probably heard all the news about the Mississippi flooding....Well here it is behind my house.  Not quite what I'd call high...yet....It's been much higher in the past.  I've seen it just inches from the top of the levee.  I'm sure all the spillways they've opened has lessened the pressure here.  We do live below sea level, but there are methods to deal with the annual deluge from snow melt and precipitation up north....

Now, the pollution from industry and farming those from up north are sending south....We nor the critters in the Gulf know what to do with or how to deal with that.  When people criticize B.P. then spray pesticides on their lawns, farms, or gardens....Well,  I consider them hypocrites.  They're doing their part to pollute the Mississippi Delta and Gulf as well.  What you do does matter.  Consider the dead zone in the Gulf.
But, there is plenty of pesticide free habitat in my garden.  Look what greeted me from the herb wheel....
...a nice fat healthy garter snake.  Beautiful.  So far no poisonous ones.
A recent harvest, green beans, wax beans, stripped zucchini, scallop squash, yellow squash, volunteer squash, and dill seed.  I pickled the wax beans and canned the green.
Onions drying in the sun.
The cherry tomatoes are ripening.
Figs are getting big!
This is one sunflower stalk!  Isn't it magnificent?
Bento pics from the past few days...Did I mention bentos were fun to make?


Missy said...

Hi Kristi,
I discovered your blog while looking for info n cucuzzas. I live on the Westbank also. Really nice blog. Bento boxes are interesting.

McKenna said...

those bentos are ADORABLE!! i want one! make me one or you wont live to see tommorrow! hahah! ok.. never mind! maybe not that gross..but still! I really want one!

meboo said...

Yesterday morning when Kassidy was leaving for work, she was greeted by a long snake stretched across the front steps sunning. Fortunately, she didn't step on it and yelled for me. We think it was a king snake so we let it slither into the garden. Hopefully, it will gobble up all the water mocassins lurking around.

Jessica said...

Food for thought in regards to pesticides! I never considered comparing it to an oil spill.
That's quite a sunflower! Quite a harvest, too! Thanks for sharing.