Monday, January 26, 2009

Growing Your Own Food In Tiny Spaces

It's amazing how much food can be grown in tiny spaces. These urban gardeners are certainly an inspiration. Grocery store produce cannot compare to what you can grow yourself.

Part One

Part Two


Egghead said...

What great ideas they have. Thanks for directing me to them.

Anonymous said...

Adding html links could be useful for those, who are not using videos.

With all due respect - do not see it as a critique, just expanding the topic - not much food could be grown in tiny spaces: either the space is not real tiny (windowsill or 3 sq. m.), or this places are in particularly suitable climate, sun orientation (who tried to grow anything edible in the shade, knows), is not a matter of temperature swings (when anything alive is cooked by sun on outside windowsill and freezing out during winter, with short enough summer to grow anything in significant amounts, place with polluted air - when you do yourself more harm, than good, eating this food), and/or requires not acceptable investments (square foot gardening, raised beds, rooftop or wadding pool gardening).

Looking how to come around these obstacles myself, no luck so far.

Kristi said...

Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your comment. Sadly every tiny space isn't suitable for growing vegetables, but there are many spaces that are and are under utilized. Some feel that they can't grow anything unless they have acres of land. I personally grew vegetables when I was a teen in five gallon buckets. No, It didn't produce huge amounts of vegatables, but it did supplement and I got the experience. Even a small flat of lettuce greens or pots outside the door can be satisfying and fun.

I tend to be an optimist. Even if the space you have is unsuitable, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open and be ready to jump on any opportunity to use space to garden that presents itself.