Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spring in September?- Around the House and Gardens

While checking on the chickens last night I noticed that my pear tree is blooming! In September no less. I'm guessing It's attempting a last ditch effort to reproduce after losing all it's fruit in the storms. September or April it's blossoms are still smell and look beautiful.

A view of the herb wheel garden. Some of this oregano is going into my Greek pork pitas with cucumber yogurt sauce tonight. The purple flowers in the front are gomphrena. One of my favorite flowers. The "strawberry fields" variety of gomphrena is also very beautiful, except lankier. They really take the heat.
This trumpet playing frog was given to my husband by a friend. Isn't it cute? My husband is one of the worlds most awsomest jazz trumpet players.
Also this morning we had a yard full of ibises snatching up the early morning bugs. They let me get pretty close before skedaddling.

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Egghead said...

I love those ibises. We don't have those here just fluttering in for a visit but I love birds and I wish we did. Cool that Byron plays trumpet. You should put up a video of him playing.