Monday, September 15, 2008

One Barn Two Dreams

Byron and I have been thinking about building a barn for a long time. We've been saving and saving. All this simple debt free living is paying off. Really I can't imagine living any other way now. Save up and then get it. It's a lot harder to spend actual money!!!! You think about things a little longer.

As Byron and I discussed what we wanted, it became apparent we had two different dreams for this lovely little barn.

Me: Oh it doesn't have to be too big...I just want a small studio for my flowers that can double as a work area for the dairy cow I want...and of course a little work garage for you Byron.. so you can work on the cars and equipment out of the rain...and set up your woodworking and not have to take it down and re-store everything before you are finished...oh yes and I want a little overhang in the front so I can put a swing, some flowers and some vines...I would really like a cupola...I love cupolas...Byron, your area must have a garage door of course, but I would like a pretty french door on my section......and the back must have a stall area so we can milk the cow and get her out of the rain when necessary.... I want to plant vines all over this thing....

Byron: I want this thing big...with lots of space for storage...I want everything lined up in neat rows so I can find what I need....The cow's going to need a lot of space...and of course there should be double doors between your studio and the case we need to load up a wedding in the rain...I want a bathroom with a shower...A huge loft would be nice...Lofts are great...we must have a loft...lofts are wonderful......I want it to look good too.... don't forget lots and lots of storage....
Dreams don't always fit budgets....but dreams are nice and worth it. If I could just get the sweet little dairy cow, a spot to do my flowers, and a nice little spot, away from all us girls, Byron could call his own, I'm sure I'd be satisfied. This little barn above could be the fit we've been looking for.
Just as long as our dream doesn't become a nightmare, I'm sure I'll be satisfied.

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Egghead said...

I love makes me laugh. Especially the last picture. I love the very first barn. That is just what I picture as the perfect looking barn. However, I presume that the last one is what we would end up with. Ha ha!