Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Addicted

I'm addicted for now I think. This really cool little stack of pattern cards has me knitting up a bundle of useless little patterned squares. I'll most likely use them as dish rags (The stand in for anything I don't know what to do with!). Is anyone else learning to knit besides me and can't figure out what to do with all that practice work?

I bought this box of knit pattern cards when we were evacuated to Bessemer, Alabama from Anthropologie. Anthropologie is one of those stores that I derive immense inspiration from, but would never spend that kind of money on anything they sell. But this little box had the price printed right on the carton and so the price couldn't be jacked I just had to have it.

It's such a challenge to get out each little card and figure out the stitches and steps to create my somewhat crooked swatches. I think I might tackle something useful one day. In the meantime I find knitting crooked little butterflies very relaxing.

Lace Knitting to go- by Andrea Tung. The patterns are printed on bi-fold cards that have a picture on the front of the finished pattern and the instructions on the inside and back. They are marked 1 to 4 for skill level. They are so easy to throw into a bag and go. (I knit while waiting for the bus, for music lessons to be over with, for the ferry...)
Here's a little white swatch I did. You really can't tell in the picture, but it is a butterfly pattern. I would like to do my two youngest button up sweaters in this pattern. Very sweet.
This hot pink swatch is a feather pattern. Complicated and fun.


Lemongrass said...

If the yarn is the same weight, you can make a swatch scarf. After the first swatch is knitted move on to the other swatch without binding off the first one.

Sandy said...

How about a wrap? It's gotta get a LITTLE chilly down there at some point. Wraps are great. They take the edge off a cool evening or over-zealous air conditioning (pet peeve).

Egghead said...

I love that you knit. I have not knitted in several years and I really have been feeling the urge to take it up. I only know the basic knit and purl but have never really made anything but slippers and a stocking hat years ago. That butterfly pattern is pretty. I have off and on began to learn to crochet. I always have trouble at the end of the row when I turn. It seems to always be crooked or uneven. Frustrates me so I stop for a while. I know it takes practice but I want it to look good now. Impatient. My mother knits and crochets beautifully and I have many things from her.

Kristi said...

Lemongrass - a swatch scarf. That's a good idea. I can practice all these pretty lace stitches and have something useful at the end.

Sandy - A wrap would probably be pretty simple, and we do have some cool days. I bet it could double as a scarf for a mantle or table. Maybe that will be my first useful project.

Egghead - Mine aren't too straight either. You wouldn't believe how many times I started that "feather stitch" over. Despite that I find it relaxing - odd probably.