Monday, October 12, 2009

Using Veggies From The Garden

Never ever plant veggies your family will not eat. Gardening time is too precious to waste on things that you simply do not enjoy. Some things I'll never plant again are kolrabi, rutabagas, parsnips and radishes....and...that leaves time for all those other really great veggies that we just love!

I've been experimenting with different recipes that use the veggies from my garden. Sometimes that requires learning a whole new cuisine. This modified Asian beef stir fry contained pok choy, chives, cayenne peppers and green beans all freshly picked from the garden.
I'm always looking for new ingredients that I can grow. I bought the ginger root I used in this recipe, but there's some really healthy culinary ginger doing just fine in my garden right now. Next spring I should be able to harvest some
Other ingredients I bought were, ginger, beef, sesame seed, oyster sauce, garlic, soy sauce and sesame seed oil. I'm going to grow garlic this year and hopefully I won't need to buy that ingredient.
I cooked the beef and green beans first. Then I threw in the pok choy to just wilt it. Very yummy and worth the effort!
Now almost all of the vegetables, seasonings, and herbs I use for cooking I grow in my zone 9 garden. It's so easy and much more fun to go out and pick my own. Best of all it tastes worlds better than the well traveled grocery store fare.
Here is a list of herbs and seasonings I am currently growing:
Green Onions
Bay Leaf
Cayenne Peppers
Bell Peppers
purple jalapenos
Veggies I am currently picking:
green beans
bell pepper
Cayenne pepper
purple jalapenos
Soon to be picking:
Wax beans
Purple Hull peas


buffalogal said...

Dear Kristi...How luckyyou are to be in a Zone 7....I am in Western New York..Zone 5...we had a frost last night...I need to pay a visit to Louisiana soon...perhaps you could write a little about some wonderful places to visit in your home state!!! I would LOVE that!!!

JeanSkirtGirl said...

That look geart