Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Ms. Sandy's pumpkin patch has so much to do.

You can pick out a perfect or not pumpkin to decorate no matter how old you are!
Then decorate it right there.
If you happen to get hungry from all the exertion there are barrels of satsumas to taste. Satsumas are sorta like oranges. Except they are sorta flattened, much easier to peel and break off into nice bite size wedges, but the whole thing will fit in your mouth if you have a big enough mouth!
O.K. what kinda decorations are in this little baggie?
Tera's chubby cheeked pumpkin.
Gluing takes lots of concentration.
Are those whiskers straight?
That is one cute little apple gourd devil.
Hmmm....I love those parents that allow their bunchkins to decide how the pumpkin should look!
Talia's pirate with glitter gold teeth.
Is that a pumpkin with legs? Yep!
Now for a hayride through the orchards and to the levee for a romp and a view of the river.
Forget the wagon! I'll race you back! I'm winning!
Oh well, that gives me more time to check out the orchards. Look at this huge grapefruit.
Here comes all the babies and old people in the wagon.
Babies like satsumas too!
Some of these pumpkins greatly resemble their designer!


JeanSkirtGirl said...

fun! looks great

Melba said...

We had so much fun. Let's make it a family tradition! Ms. Sandy had everything so organized and well planned out. Her roadside stand was wonderful as well, and we were able to purchase some boiled peanuts to snack on and some satsumas to take home.

On a side note, Satsumas are delicious. When I was pregnant for my youngest son, I craved them, and ate about five of them day. They are great for you.

Laurie said...

Wonderful piece. Where is this place? Or did i read too quickly. It's satsuma season here, but they use the old name here, rendered in Spanish as mandarina. I can buy 12 for a dollar. And I often do just that so distribute to friends!

Kristi said...

Hi Laurie, Sandy's patch located at her father's orchard on Belle Chasse Hwy or Hwy 23 Just before the Alliance or Conaco Phillips Refinery on the river side.