Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inviting A Closer Look

This wonderful 1950's tablecloth came from an antique store in Lucket, Virginia. I can't resist the bright happy prints from that era. Evidently 50's housewives were every thing they were touted to be because this baby didn't have a blemish on it's heavy surface. Mine aren't so fortunate! I'll protect this one a little better.
It seemed the 50's borrowed forms from the Earth or the sky always glow with an unearthly color. Nope I've never seen daisies with aqua button centers except in some 80's wedding photos or poppies (I think) either for that matter. Maybe the atomic fascinations of the era influenced designers to veer in this direction. Regardless...I love the whimsy it evokes in me now.
It was a perfect backdrop to show off a centerpiece of pretty eggs in a nest of fabric scraps! The little aqua flower confetti embellishments invites you to look....
a little closer and notice all the different hues and textures of the eggs.
This front door urn that had been deprived of it's spring plantings became a perch for a small pot of succulents, a broken garden ornament and a dried sunflower head from the veggie garden. I like it so much I might forgo planting the fall flowers a little longer.
The potato vines, even though cut back severely, are making a vigorous comeback.

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JeanSkirtGirl said...

WoW sister kristi I love it your new tablecloth very nice