Monday, April 6, 2009

Around The House And Gardens

Pea pickin'
I love the open pod on the table cloth. The flower print behind it makes it look like a butterfly.
Spring chickies! These are a few of the 17 chicks we hatched in an incubator.
Of the 42 eggs we started with 24 were fertile, 17 hatched successfully, 2 died while trying to hatch and 5 didn't hatch at all. This 17 will bring our total number of chickens to 47.
Here's the patch my Brother plowed for me recently. In the future I'd like to use the no till method to keep it up. It's much larger than it appears in this picture, and often I find my self gazing across it thinking, "Am I crazy?" We'll see!
There are my neighbor's orange trees in the background. The soil looks pretty good. It needs a lot more organic matter. This little spot of ground is going to be used to grow all those large sprawling crops that need a lot of space to grow. Tall pole beans, pumpkins, watermelons.....
My Moonglow Iris is blooming now.

Doodles. I'm thinking about making this dress for my girls using fabric from Anna Maria Horner. I adore her fabric. It's so happy. It reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Matisse. Not so much that their styles are similar, but just because it's comfortable and happy.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

Hey sister Kristi I love the dress u are going to make for the girl's I can't wait to see how they look on them. I love your graden and the thing's u make it's awesome keep up the good work! Love carmencita

Egghead said...

I hope you post the pictures. That iris is beautiful and knowing you that large plot of plowed land will be just as fruitful and beautiful as the rest of your things.