Thursday, April 30, 2009

Around The House and Garden

Oh yes, my first onion this year and the first red one I've ever grown! There is so much satisfaction in growing something that is life sustaining, and all from the dirt! It's amazing how much potential is hidden under a blanket of lawn in millions of yards.
Here are the the potato towers.....hopefully we'll prove all the sceptics wrong and produce an abundance of potatoes.
The corn is very tall. No tassels yet.
One of my favorite peppers are Cayenne peppers. They produce an abundance of peppers on just a few plants and taste great in almost any recipe.
The yellow squash has its first babies peeping out.
Who can resist smiling at this big bright happy blossom.
The paths are mostly covered with cardboard and now we are covering the cardboard with a thick layer of pine straw. It serves two purposes. It looks really nice and suppresses weeds. The above picture shows the progress, and the picture below shows how great it looks.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

WoW my mom planting corn and lot's of other things to I love your garden and could u make my candle and bring to me when u get a chance of doing it the one with my name on it love you love carmencita =)

Pony and Petey said...

I guess ya'll must not have rodent problems there. I put a nice thick layer of straw in my garden and very soon it was the "Ratisson" Hotel! You Radisson... hahahahaha

I LOVE your blue climbing towers!! I finally found a garden book that said to harvest the onion when the top had fallen over and turned brown. My tops have fallen over but maybe that's from the 11 inches of rain we had the other night. YIKES!!

I'm working at more and more ways to grow veggies in the front flower beds but not have the HOA tell us we can't. I need to make it look very pretty.

It is a shame to have such a big front yard (we're a corner lot) and not have it be producing lots of sustaining food. So much potential!

*J* said...

Love your blog, Kristi! I always pop in when I need a bit of inspiration. I'm trying potato towers with old tires. I'd never heard of them until I read about yours. Thanks!

Kristi said...

Pony, Rats!? Oh No! I haven't seen any live ones yet. My cat left me a dead one Saturday...she does that every now and then. Hopefully she and the hawks will keep the rat population down. Byron built me the blue towers!

Jessica, Welcome to my blog! I hope your potato towers do well. This will be my first year trying them, but so far they are growing great.

Sandy said...

I love your onion! I just planted my little seedlings outside. It's hard to believe they will grow. Right now they are so tiny -- and I planted them when and as instructed back in January I think. Sheesh. Yours look fabulous. Hope I will be able to show you my harvest come fall! :)

Sandy said...

It's me again ... talking about potatoes! I am thinking about wrapping my wire towers with something to keep the light out. You know how potatoes aren't supposed to be exposed to light or they will 'green' and become toxic? What do you think? Can you see any of your potatoes from the outside, or are they all staying 'tucked in"? What do you think?
Sandy, your friend in potato towers.