Sunday, June 30, 2013

Raccoon, Dragon Tongue Bean, and Around the House and Gardens

This little raccoon is one of three young ones living in our area.  I haven't seen Mom Raccoon lately.  Not sure if she's decided they are ready to make it on their own or if she met some other fate.
 Here's a recent harvest.  Even more cucumbers are coming in now and oodles of peppers.  See the yellow looking beans in the center?  Those are "Dragon Tongue Beans".  This is the first year I've tried them.  Highly recommended.  They are still producing in our heat!  All of the other beans are long gone.  I'm very excited to see how long they continue to produce.  You can buy seeds to try HERE.  Those are dill seeds in the little dish.
 Herbs washed and ready to dry.
 My crepe myrtle in the front yard is lovely as usual.  All of the summer blooming trees are blooming their hearts out.
 Close up....I love the electric blossoms.  When the wind blows it looks like pink snow falling.  One area of a street in the New Orleans Bywater neighborhood is lined with them.  The street is carpeted with pink blossoms this time of year.  Surreal.
 Lovely Lovely Pride of Barbados
 My fav crepe myrtle  "Natchez"  It's branches sweep almost to the ground with heavy blossoms.
 Yep, the garden is a little rough this time of year.  Always is.  The heat takes it's toll on humans and plants alike!
 But the peppers love the heat.  They are producing like crazy.  I'm cooking with them like crazy!  This is Fish Pepper.  It is an African American heirloom.
 Crook Neck Cushaw.  A favorite pumpkin of Cajuns.
 Melons!  This is an heirloom.  I forgot the name.  I need to look it up.
 Lemon Queen Sunflower.  Pale yellow blossoms, stands about four feet tall.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

Very nices love it

Jennifer said...

Love the crepe myrtles....I have 3 small ones growing now! I have 1 cucumber plant that has grown tremendously and the cucumbers are the best I have ever eating!
Love Yall

FAST SOS said...

just randomly stumbled across your blog, wow your photos are amazing! looking forward to following future posts!
All the Best