Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Around The House and Gardens

Egg Yolk Cherry Tomato...Sweet and yum....it seems as if the bugs ignore this tomato.  I wonder if it's because it's yellow.  
 Front Garden....The flowers are generous!
 The shell ginger is blooming like crazy this year.  I love the purple lorapetalum, variegated ginger and the orange tithonia together.  They are in the bottom right and corner.  Green, yellow, purple and orange.
 Lovely Althea
 My side garden is wild...and I love it.
 This is the first year my pineapple guava has formed fruit...so excited...I will report on them.
 L.S.U. Gold fig... my current favorite!  They are large and yellow.  Very juicy and taste like honey.  The best for eating right off the tree.  I also have L.S.U. Purple, Celeste, and Brown Turkey.
 Little cantaloupes are covering the vines!


Moni-Q said...

Beautiful garden as always. :-)

I'm dying to see photos of your finished kitchen. Please post some soon!

Love you.

JeanSkirtGirl said...

Nice I love it

Hana said...


What do you use to treat tomato worms and horn worms?
I had beautiful tomatos and they got all eaten by hornworms. I finally sprayed it with pesticide to save the plants.



Kristi said...

Hi Hanna,

I hand pick hornworms. I either feed them to the chickens or squish 'em. I know worms can get pretty bad at times. Some years it feels like a losing battle. Lately I haven't had such a problem. I've had luck with planting the tomatoes in different parts of the garden and interplanting basil and flowers.

A safer spray you can use is Bacillus thuringiensis or "BT" you can get it at feed stores or home and garden stores. It basically gives the caterpillars a bacterial disease and it doesn't persist for a long time on the leaves. Sometimes only for 24 hours. Some people think that isn't such a great thing, but I feel that's great if you are only targeting a certain pest.