Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Around The House And Gardens

My husband says my garden is an authentic Eden now.  It even has it's own snake.  This snake hangs out in an abandoned bird nest in the honey suckle next to the front porch.  Not sure exactly what kind it is, but almost certain it's not poisonous.
 My roses have reached the top of the pergola and are blooming beautifully.  The brambles are also full of new buds.
 Lovely False Indigo.
 Moon Glo Iris next to a sago palm.  I lost my lorapetalums in Issac.  I planted new ones this spring.  I love the purple leaves and pink blossoms as a back drop for the variegated ginger.
 Garlic drying on the front porch.  My garlic seems to mature a bit faster than the books say they should.  I wonder if it's our warm climate.  Although we have had more cold and cool weather than usual this year.  Not any freezes though.
 I need to look in my notes as to what type of iris this is.  I just planted it last year and it has been blooming like crazy this spring.  Vibrant velvety purple....love it.
 Working on the side garden.  The Louisiana phlox is lovely.  This bed is going to get a lot of work this year.
 Flossie guarded this bag of cat food like a lion guards a kill.  Even bristling and laying back her ears when we got to close.
 Talia's fledgling asparagus patch.  We planted the seeds last spring.  She and her Grandmother have a heated competition on who can grow the best asparagus.  Talia is accusing her Granny of cheating.  Granny bought two year crowns.  Talia planted seeds.  She's not doing too bad though.

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JeanSkirtGirl said...

Love the cat molded very well for pics :) lol nices pic over all very clear I like that :)