Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sessie's Minnies

Sessie (my middle daughter) loves nature.  Often I find little odd nature items tucked away here and there.  I've chased more than one acorn that fell out of her pocket around the round tub of my washing machine.

Recently she's used these items and lots of hot glue :-) to create these adorable birds.  Seleste purposely goes on walks and picks up interesting items then tries to make them into something.  She has such a talent for seeing what an item can be.  We are truly made in Gods image, and the creator part of it is manifested in Sessie's adorable little critters. 

I also threw in a pic of a precious clay rabbit and veggies Sess made in Art.

Humming Bird
Penguin? (I love the body.  It's made from a Polyphemus Moth cocoon.)


McKenna said...

Sessie was telling me about her minnies when we were making poeple. WITHOUT glue! it was hard, but I discovered a way. Yay! us are geniuses!

JeanSkirtGirl said...

Cool sessie love your art love carmencita