Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around The House And Gardens

The carrots are coming in...very sweet and beautiful, there are red, purple, yellow and orange varieties.
I decided to put my seedling stand in my bedroom.  I'm running out of room!  Time to de-clutter.  Hopefully I can find homes for items that need to go.  I have given myself a new challenge this year....more about that later.
All of the tomato seedlings are up and a few eggplant.  No sign of the peppers yet.
The chickies are finally laying again.  Boy I've missed those eggs.  I bought eggs around Christmas time.  Other than that we've just done without.  It does bring new appreciation to these eggs....
My friend Beppi gave me some fabric she found at a thrift store.  She thought I could make some aprons from it....oh yes, you bet I can Beppi!!!  I love these fabrics.  They're so 60ish maybe?  The rose print reminds me of some pictures of little girl dresses from that era...reminds me of my sisters Terri and Melba.

Little short in piggies with fluffy yarn bows...knee boots...and freezing booties!!!  Personal memories from my Sister Terri.  She said my Mom dressed them in shorter dresses because they looked so cute...Terri just remembers her booty freezing!  Maybe that's why my sister Melba stood so close to the gas heater when she was little and melted and shrunk the backside of her synthetic dress!!!...hee hee hee 
Close up....Lovely....
I'm trying to be patient....Spring come soon!


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I liked that idea of the Seedlings, maybe Goodwill will have something like that I could use..Your carrots look devine..I can't wait for Spring.

McKenna Sage said...

Yay! I love that clothe! wink wink* It would look so pretty on someone....Like, well, Not to be blunt.... ME!!

JeanSkirtGirl said...

Mmm would u like to make me one love carmencita :) love your garden

WeekendFarmer said...

Wow! Lucky you...You have carrots already? We are under 10 inches of snow still...Spring doesnt come fast enough : ).

I didnt know you could have Citrus in Louisiana. So happy for you.

Reminds me of my days in Baton Rouge. I told the Mrs. I will take her to Coffee Call when in LA.

Wish you a fast Spring!