Friday, May 4, 2012

Today's Visitor and Wedding

No he or she (I haven't learned how to tell alligator gender.) wasn't a guest at the wedding....But he/she did visit my yard!  It was just at dusk.  This little guy was probably over two feet.  I didn't get too close.   You wouldn't believe how fast these guys can move!

 Run in a zig zag!  Run in a zig ...ackkkk!  Really, who can remember to run in a zig zag pattern if an alligator chases you (that's the common advice from those locals who supposedly know how to escape the intentions of an alligator)....and I'm under the impression that by the time the thought makes it to your mind you're already lunch!

The little guy actually lunged at my cat.  So fast I didn't see it coming....luckily my cat is fast as well...and she has amazing survival instincts.  My cat adopted us after Katrina...which she survived...and has lived despite coyotes, bald eagles, dogs, and alligators that skirt and occasionally cross our property.  I was inclined to let 'em stay (the alligator), but when my cat almost became the appetizer or injured anyway...Byron captured the little guy with a net and we located him to a canal a few miles down the road.  The largest gator we've had in our yard to date was over 5 feet.
Here's some pics of today's wedding I did.  I'm a florist in case any didn't know.  I love the gardeny wild arrangements on pedestals in the's the cake.....

....and a close up.....

....every table had a centerpiece....the  bride was from Argentina....she said in her country very few flowers are bought for the wedding party...most of the floral budget is spent on table centerpieces....yep....I'm fine with that!  She carried a lovely small bouquet of white french tulips.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice blog .

meboo said...

I love the wildlife down here, but I sure don't love it when they come visiting my yard! Yesterday morning, Keith saw a bobcat on bayou road. I didn't know those things lived down here. Did you?

Moni-Q said...


You are amazing. The flowers arrangements are gorgeous!

What a cute gator...well...not really, but it is kind of cool to see them in the wild...just keep your distance.