Thursday, May 3, 2012

Around the House and Garden & Gardening in the New Orleans Area

These photos are actually from April 19th.  I had some problems uploading...thus the delay...but here they are.  I can't believe how much the garden has grown just the short time from these photos.

Currently I'm harvesting:  cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, Patty pan (white scallop) squash, onions, all types of herbs, black berries, peaches, and green beans.  There's so much growing and plumping up....I expect to be picking enough every day all summer with some to share.

My goal is to have a daily supply  to choose from all year.  With our mild winters we can grow all year.  Except preparing for a disaster such as flood or hurricane or the desire to eat something out of season...there isn't much need to preserve.

 Although, I do preserve some things.  Such as purple hull peas through freezing them....yum all the time.   Freezing doesn't do much good after a hurricane when the electricity is out.  The longest was after Hurricane Gustav when we went 18 days (yes I counted)...18 long hot days in the hottest part of the year without electricity...and air conditioning.... it is....I dug two nice size baskets of new potatoes.  Super yum and creamy.  Store bought really can't compare....I like to cook them whole in a pot with a little butter and olive oil and herbs from the garden:  garlic chives, thyme, garlic, and parsley....heaven...(well sorta)

The front garden.
Everyones' shell ginger is blooming it's little pink grape hearts out.  The buds remind me of clusters of pink grapes.  The blossom is actually yellow with red specks on the inside.  Our past mild winter spared the gingers...that's why we are getting such a wonderful display.

Close up.

The side garden with fig, banana, loquat and avocado trees.

Believe it or not some of these babies are ripe now!

Red Flint Italian Heirloom...It strikes me as funny that people from Italy have developed heirloom seeds from a South American staple.
Cucumbers and Gypsy Tomatoes.
Florida speckled pole Limas!  Wait til you see the new pics!

My little garden sitting room.
Glads make me Glad!
Overview...honestly compared to this...just two weeks difference...the garden looks overgrown!
Coriander seed!   Saved for spice and replanting...ain't nature generous!

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