Thursday, July 28, 2011

Around The House And Gardens

Brown Turkey Figs
Yes, We don't mind sharing with birds.
Lady Margaret passion flower
Branches sagging with pears
Gulf fritillary caterpillars love passion vine
...but it's hard to get a pic of the butterfly...they never slow down!
The chickens love large overripe watermelons!
...they also love the shade of the mulberry tree...they love mulberries in the spring too!
...Our dominant rooster struts around all day making sure every one's behaving....
...the compost is ready!
...gorgeous!...This is Seleste's hand...she always has the most beautiful hair and nails!
..eeks...more rain.  It's rained and rained and rained around here.  Drought to Flood...sigh...I love Louisiana!
...the rain has brought mushrooms.  They're magical...
...well not really...they just have a magical feel!  Maybe there are little fairies hiding in there.


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Beautiful bounty of pears comng :o) Hands that look that good most often don't see hard work :o)

Texan said...

Look at those pears!! We had one pear tree old enough to put on several pears this year. Something took ALL of the pears. None were on the ground. Raccoon? Is that possible?

meboo said...

Those little hands are so gentle and sweet and match the spirit and nature of a very precious little girl.

Kristi said...

Texan, hmmm...not sure if a raccoon would carry them all off...could it have been a two legged thief?

Our trees are veeeery very old at least over 60 years old. Our neigbor, who is over 80, told us his father planted them when he was a boy. They are very rough looking, a couple are even hollow. I felt sure I would find them on the ground after hurricane Katrina...but no! there they were standing tall! I would like to propagate them through cuttings this year. We nor the wildlife around here can consume all the pears these trees bear. I even give away bags of them.