Friday, September 24, 2010

Around The House and Gardens

The front garden is beginning to grow back out.  I've added some cool season annuals to the front:  Flowering cabbage, snapdragons, dianthus, and a few pentas.  I know pentas isn't necessarily a "cool" season plant, but they will have plenty of time to bloom before the first of the cold and often they make it through the winter to bloom bigger and better the next year.
Here is a view down the front garden path to the pergola and potager.

We just installed a new energy efficient air conditioner.  Now there's all these great boxes to mulch the new side garden.  In a week I'm getting in a load of pine straw mulch.
A view of the potager.  Everything is planted and sprouting.

It's feast or famine.  Not too long ago the yard was flooded.  Now....not a drop.  So the sprinklers have been kept busy lately.

Here's a pic of the bamboo trellising for the peas.

I also made two trellises from bamboo for my Lady Margaret passion vines.

This sago palm came from the backyard to fill in an empty  spot.  I'm trying to get the camillia behind it to recover. 

A red seeded asparagus bean blossom.  It's a variety of Asian long beans.

Some fresh picked long beans!

The old iron table I salvaged got a fresh new coat of paint this fall.  The two chairs are going to get new bottoms soon.

"Que?!  You brought me all thee whey from Santa Fe to jeest to have mee hang around on theese seelly pee-can tree?!"  My Mexican frog.

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JeanSkirtGirl said...

he he sister kristi love the mexican frog :) love your graden and your pergola and potager it's awesome when u grow your own food then get to eat them fresh from the gound love carmencita oxoxo keep up with the good work! The lady from the graden club are going to love your graden around your house