Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Almost There!

The front garden is all clipped up and ready to burst out for fall! We were delighted to wake up to 73 degrees this morning....fall weather in the gulf south! The river birch has recovered from the shock it received in Gustav and is putting forth wonderful growth.

The next step in my garden plan has begun. A wider side garden extends from the front garden. It already contains bananas and pomegranates, and I added a bay tree, four figs, and a Japanese plum. I'll also intersperse a couple of peaches and other crops throughout. There will be a path down the center. Each year I'll try a few things like cucumbers, Asian and European melons, and pumpkins along the edges.

Notice how crooked the edge is. Blame it on Byron's poor eyesight :-). In a reminder of how dear he was to dig it for me, I'll keep it just as it is!

Look how wonderfully my windmill palm has grown this year. It seems to have doubled in size.
The front planters are planted up with hibiscus, pentas, sweet potato vine, blue daze and Aztec grass. In a couple of weeks they should be overflowing and beautiful.
The citrus has attained most of it's size and will start coloring up in the next couple of months. The trees are dripping. My small lemon trees were stressed by the amount of fruit on their small frames so I removed all of the fruit. Next year they should be a little more ready to bear. (I lost all of my lemons and limes in last year's odd freeze so had to replant them all. The other citrus held up fine and are doing better than ever.)
Looking better! I've removed 99 percent of all of the vines. I only have three more beds to clear and plant to be fully ready for fall. I harvested the last of the melons before removing the vines. The peppers, okra and eggplants are still fruiting.
Another view...I really like these sunflowers...I'll have to look up their name for you.
The blue trellis have been spruced up with a light new coat of paint. Still....there's always something more to do....I'm smiling though!


Texan said...

I live in East Texas,you are able to grow Limes outside in the ground in Louisiana or do you grow them in pots and bring them in during winter? I so want Limes and Lemon Trees!

Your photos of your gardens are lovely!

Kristi said...

We can grow them outside where I am. I am very close to the Gulf. In the "toe" of the Louisiana boot. Most of Louisiana cannot. My lemons and limes froze last year because they were so young. The older more established ones came out ok with a little damage, but are fruiting just fine. Thanks for the compliment!

Texan said...

I see, Thanks. I think I am going to have to try some in large pots and bring them in. :O)

JeanSkirtGirl said...

wow awesome it's come in along love carmencita