Friday, June 25, 2010

Simple Summer Day

The hot days of summer are here in south Louisiana. We are not many miles from the oil spill activity...a fact I try daily to push from my mind. If there were something I could do I might dwell on it. Just the thought of it makes me feel nauseated...and the the actions of our bureaucratic government make no sense in the least...since there is nothing I can do about that until the next election, I guess I'll have to push that out of my mind as well.

Instead I'll look at the bright blue sky, deep green grass and trees, and vibrant sun and pretend that just miles down the road an epic oil spill doesn't exist. The things I can do something about are right here at home. During the summer my attention turns to keeping the garden productive and tidy while keeping our cool.

Talia my 10 year old made these delicious blueberry muffins from frozen blueberries Byron's uncle brought us from Mississippi a few weeks ago. She did a wonderful job and the muffins were meltingly, eye rollingly delicious. Perfect way to start a bright summer day.
Keeping the house cool in the summer is pretty simple...keep the heat out! I like to put something in the solar oven on sunny days. It's a double blessing...the heat stays outside and I'm not using natural gas to cook, just the nice free sunshine. Free sunshine energy is abundant this time of year!
Getting the garden chores done early is a must. By mid-day it is simply too hot to safely work hard outside unless you are in the shade. I pulled the popcorn stalks and prepared this bed for planting. Sunflowers or striped cushaws are going to fill this bed.
Summer days are also perfect for installing flocks of recycled metal flamingos in the front garden. My sister Monique bought these for me for Christmas! Thanks NeeKee (even if it is six months late, hee hee) for bringing your sophisticated Maryland style down to us bayou babes. There's this great little town near my Sister's home called Luckett's. I think, anyway look it up if you're near D.C. That's where she bought my pink flock.
Summer days are also great for watching butterflies on the butterfly bush....
...and watching Killdeers hatch in the rocks on the driveway. This little puffball was up and running on toothpick legs in no time at all.
It's also a perfect time for drying laundry outside....again, the heat stays outside and I'm not cranking up the energy bill.
...and that also leaves time to notice Talia introducing Flossie to our dog Camira...Talia!!! Close the window your letting the AC out!!!!


JeanSkirtGirl said...

First I want to say the little
Pies look great I would like to try it and make for me and my family em em!! Love the garden and the pinks flock in your garden love carmacita

Laurie said...

Aha! Pink flamingos. If I had lived a bit longer in New Orleans, I was going to find some. I had a neighbor with a very traditional raised home with a wonderfully overgrown yard. In the midst of a sea of ferns, a pink flamingo was barely visible. I I smiled every time I saw it. Enjoy your summer, and don't think about the Gulf too much.

Anonymous said...

pink flamingos are a awsome touch to your garden! plus thats a cute pic of flossie and camira!


Jeanine Juth said...

Could you please post a recipe? They look delish!