Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Around The House And Gardens

Okay, so I went a little overboard on the electric pink crape myrtle pictures....
but it is soooo beautiful this year.

There are so many blossoms the branches are drooping...
...and the bees love it.
The Natchez crape myrtle is blooming too, and it's equally stunning in a more subdued elegant fashion. Camira our very old, fat and adorable dog loves to lounge in its droopy shade.
When it's petals fall it looks like a sprinkle of snow on the ground. I love the way the Natchez crape myrtle's branches sweep downward with long bunches of bright white blossoms. In the fall and winter when the bark peels it reveals velvety mahogany red wood underneath. When it's pruned carefully, the trunk is a work of art.
A close-up of my crinum. I adore this old fashioned bulb.
The peppers are bearing wonderfully. I have Anaheim Chili's just about ready to pick.
The tomatoes have been a battle as always. I've picked God knows how many caterpillars off of them. There's not much to show for all that work! Sigh....Gardening organically....you win some you lose some. I'm still hoping in the end this will be a win....that's me, eternally optimistic.
The melon vines and the egg plants are growing wild and setting small fruits. They're both loving this hot weather.
Oh yes, the Dakota Black popcorn is just about ready to pick. There should be a huge crop once it is all gathered.
Don't you just love the purple black color of this corn....beautiful.


the canned quilter said...

Crepe Myrtles and Azaleas are the 2 things I miss the most from home. They won't grow this far north : ( Guess I will just have to enjoy yours. That Crepe Myrtle is gorgeous .

wvugrads said...

Wow, wow, wow! Those Crepe Myrtles are amazing. I'm a little bit green with envy, I will admit. lol I'm always pointing them out when we're driving to my husband (and they are NOTHING compared to yours!) to which he accuses me of just liking to say "crepe myrtle" - hmm, maybe so.


Anonymous said...

those crape myrtles are beautiful! i love that pretty crinum.