Monday, May 24, 2010

Around The House And Gardens

My computer has been broken....sooo...that's why you haven't heard from me in a while.

After fretting over it for a while and hauling it to Best Buy...which is who we bought it from...and after being told...hmmm...they really don't know what's wrong with it....and it will cost $69.00 to diagnose and from their experience an additional $250.00 to fix, and a charge for putting my broken computer on their counter top...nah not really the last one, but any way....they implied that buying a new one might be a more cost effective measure.

So I traipsed around Best Buy with my Sony Vaio computer clasped tightly to my chest and began viewing all the latest and greatest. A sales lady offered to help me and asked me what did I have in my arms. When I leaned the computer forward so she could peek, she exclaimed, "oh, yeah...we sold those.....a long time ago." Ummm.....I bought this three years ago and shouldn't be $1,600.00 worth of broken stuff...and I really like this looks great in my living room. I really like the clear glass frame around the monitor....and it does look a lot classier than these huge white monstrous apples that everyone is peering at. Sooo...I clutched my computer tighter, put my nose in the air and marched out.....When I got home. My husband fixed it. Ummm did you fix this.....Byron, "...I read something on the Internet and...." I tuned him out after that. Thanks Byron.

Artichoke with Leaf Hoppers (I picked a total of 56). I think they're done now.

Oh yes, summer squash. Yummmm...I've picked green zucchini, white patti pan, and yellow crookneck.
Cactus Flowered Zinnias...with fig trees and loquats ready to plant.
Peach cactus flowered zinnia
Zinnias and marigolds
Zinnia Bud
Long Garden Beds
View from the Mississippi River Levee
A little closer
Louisiana Shrimp...get them while you can.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

I love flowers and glad to hear from u again love carmacita

Tiff said...

Yay Byron!! Yeah you should not have to replace a computer after 3 years. Best Buy needs to watch The Story of Stuff. Haha! We just replaced our desktop last month but it was at least 10 years old. BIG old huge dinosaur that we coaxed along for the past couple of years til it finally croaked. RIP. LOL!