Saturday, September 5, 2009

Around The House And Garrdens - Melons

Early Silver Line Oriental Melon Ripening
A very tiny watermelon.
Charentais Melon Blossoms
An almost ready Charentais Melon
Wear big T-shirts in the garden. They make a great garden gathering basket! These are the seven Silver Line Melons I harvested today. That's not counting the three insect damaged ones I gave to the chickens.
The bush green beans planted a few weeks ago are doing nicely.
A success story. Below are the purple hull peas I planted. I planted them with seeds I saved from last year. From the looks of it every single one sprouted. Who hoo!
Monarch butterfly and caterpillar on its host plant in the garden Milkweed.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

Wow sister kristi u never know when a big green T- shirt can come in handly he he lol =] Anyway's everything look's great your graden and everything around your house! "I miss u friday night and sunday night I mean I saw friday night but I didn't get a chance to say heyy I was praying =] will Have a great week see u wenseday night love carmencita love ya

JeanSkirtGirl said...

Oh yea I will love some canning pears are whatever u called it =]

Tipper said...

Kristi-I use my t-shirts the same way : )

Egghead said...

Too funny because I do that with my t-shirts too. Sometimes even my nightgown if it is early in the morning. Good thing I live way out in the country where no one can see me..... Your garden looks wonderful.