Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Biking the C & O Canal

My bike. All geared up and ready to roll.
"Southern Girl - Born & Raised!"
A Confederate Soldier's grave with a unique cross symbol.
Queen Anne's lace and a beetle.
Hey Babe, Want a blackberry?
Trail cut in the grass to the old Confederate grave site.
Hey that's my handlebar bag with a map. It's kinda hard to get lost on a trail with no turns, but it was good to know which camp sites were next!
Byron on the other side of the lock house.
Paw Paw Tunnel
From the top of Paw Paw tunnel on the other side.

The Bavarian Inn in Shepardstown. Our one hotel stay.
Moss on an old lock wall.
The bridge to Harper's Ferry.

Our survival picture in the down pouring rain at George Town.
More info than you really need to know to bike the C & O Canal can be foundHERE.

Next Post: Advice on how to pick a campsite.


Tiffany said...

Next post after picking a campsite: How to distinguish bear poop from horse poop. :D

Melba said...

I love our victory picture. That moment was priceless!

JeanSkirtGirl said...

I am glad u had fun i miss u glad u back