Monday, August 17, 2009

Around The House And Garden

Slowly the garden is returning to it's orderly neat appearance. Whew, I should have taken a picture of the mound of grass and weeds I pulled! It's quite impressive.
The 8 square beds, the herb wheel, 3 of the long beds, and most of the paths are done. Each year that passes makes established garden beds easier and easier to weed as long as they are kept up. So persistence pays off.
A Black Beauty Eggplant developing nicely in the garden.
I believe this little volunteer melon is a Charentais.
Here are the banana trees I planted. Hopefully soon they'll start to bear.
This is the new chicken coop addition with it's temporary house. We still need to add buried wire to protect them from digging predators. In the next two weeks we plan to kill all but two of our roosters and possibly some hens. I would like about 10 to 12 hens and one rooster in each coop. Eventually I plan to try letting them out to pasture graze and seeing if they return easily to their house.
Good morning girls!
The pear trees are simply loaded. With three tropical storms threatening, I plan to harvest as many as possible to dry and can. Just in case. Last year I lost all of my pears and pecans to hurricane Gustav. He knocked every single one off. He also stripped my plants of most of their leaves and tattered the tropicals.
There are so many pears that a large limb broke and tumbled to the ground. Here's a pic of the break.
It's lime time! The limes are in. Here's a beautiful stash my neighbor Sandy gave me. I plan to juice them and then freeze the juice in ice trays for later use. After freezing in the trays I transfer them to a ziplock bag for storing in the freezer. I do this with lemons and grapefruit as well.


JeanSkirtGirl said...

WoW you have came a long way with your graden I think it's commin out great!!! I love it =) and the chickin It was fun chassin them around love carmencita

Miss Riya said...

Thanks for sharing some of your loot with me! I'm going to bake a pear pie tomorrow.

Tipper said...

Every thing is looking great. Sorry about the round uping neighbor. Love seeing your chickens-I've almost got my husband talked into getting some too.

Bigoledude said...

It is easy getting your chickens to return to the coop at evening time. If you can keep a little something special as a treat for them. Like greens, carrot tops, kale, peas, bugs or whatever they really like. Give that to them every evening IN THEIR PEN. Use the same call every time so they will always relate that call to treats. That clover your Father-in-Law doesn't care for is splendopious for your chickens! Clover-fed eggs are the most desired eggs for people who know! Chickens herd easily. You can start with a long cane pole to make it much easier. And, it is their God-Planted nature to return to their "roost" each night. There will quickly come a time when you won't even have to bribe them with a treat. They will file right into their pen.