Friday, May 8, 2009

Praising Plodding

Arghhh...that's what I feel like right now. I abbasolutely love spring. Spring is beautiful, bright, green, cheerful....and busy. Sometimes I just don't feel like being busy. There's so much to do in spring, but all I feel like doing lately is reading a book and sipping coffee or sitting in my garden and napping....and once in a while lately, frowning and glowering (I indulge myself in glowering occasionally then feel supremely guilty.).

Still there's all those other things that need to be done. You know all the end of school year activities, planting new crops, never ending housework, pulling persistent weeds, church fund raisers, youth group activities, garden club meetings........................... and all the stinking political meetings on the newly emerged one week before the final public hearing date.....nobody knows about.... "but has been in the works for years (lying politicians)" floodwall going up north of my house (another story I will tell soon)............I have to write a million letters to every sneaky congressperson within 500 miles.....

Plaquemines Levee

It's enough to discourage anyone. Why am I working for all this (eyes crossed)? These are the times I remind myself to be a turtle. You can't be a rabbit everyday. So today....I'm going to focus on what's most it it well.....then look at the next most it it well.....then look at the next................................sometimes we just have to plod, put one foot in front of the other, and remind ourselves to trust in God and not man...........Well... I am feeling a little better now.


Miss Riya said...

I've heard it said that you learn all that you need to know in kindergarten. I guess it's true. I remember hearing a story about a turtle and a rabbit when I was little.
Well any way .... at least we know that this world isn't where our hope is.
Love Ya,

Sandy said...

I hear you about feeling like there is so much to do in spring! Especially if things have been under snow for months! It seems as if everything happens all at once. Spring (cool weather) seeds to plant, Cool Weather seedlings to harden off and plant, garden to prep, yes -- weeds to pull, then try throwing in 2 new bee hives and 8 hen chicks (coming May 19!) . . . Mostly at this point I am working until I collapse, but loving every minute. The housework on the other hand . . . . finally the rain MADE me stay inside and I got things in order. Enjoying coffee and a book is also a wonderful thing though! I am reading Mary Webb's Precious Bane at the moment. Be well! Sandy