Monday, February 16, 2009


Lately I've been trying my hand at drying. So far I've dried: parsley, pears, onions, cayenne peppers, bell peppers, oregano, basil, bay leaves and mushrooms. I've used the cayenne pepper, parsley and pears the most. Especially the cayenne pepper. I use it in everything. The cayenne pepper was allowed to dry inside spread out in a bowl and then crushed with a food processor.

I was really pleased with the way the mushrooms turned out and they were all promptly used up in cooking.
My girls love the dried pears as a snack. The great thing about drying is how little space the finished product takes up. You can quickly turn piles of pears into three or four neat little jars of dried pear slices.
Personally I love the fact that you do not need electricity to keep some of the harvest that you worked so hard for. The yearly threat of hurricanes and electricity loss here has inspired me not to store too much in the freezer! In 2008 we were without electricity a total of 18 days. Fifteen of those days we were consecutive. So I'd like to be able to not melt down (literally and figuratively) during an outage.

So far I have been borrowing my Mother in law's electric food dryer....but....
Soon I'd like to have this or something like this...A Solar Dryer. Ummm...Byron dear...could you build me a.....

Here's a few links with a little more info on solar drying and how to build a solar dryer:

Path to Freedom Solar Dryer Project

The Solar Food Dryer: By Eben Fodor

Mother Earth News - How to Build a Food Dryer


JeanSkirtGirl said...

WoW! Sister kirsti that's look's great yummy!! Sister moria told me she made some of that bread to and she said it's awsome when she bit in to it with after she said yum! with a smlie so I said hey let me try some missy and she said o0k!! so I try it and after I had a smile on my face to!! thansk for sure in your sweet bread I love you sister kristi

love carmencita

tipper said...

I love to try drying new things too-I have a dehydrator but would love love to have a solar one-and actually I didn't even know they existed-other than uses your hot car. So thanks for the tip! I have a fear that this year we may need to preserve more food than ever before.

Sarah .aka. Mamalotsoftots said...

wow. those look SO great. what a fabulous idea! :D We've been trying to dry more fruit for snacks. I have been very lazy about it tho. lol. :D
Thanks for the post and pics. Very motivating.

Sandy said...

That solar dryer looks very interesting! Everything you've dried looks fabulous. I can't wait to do more this summer! Everything I've dried with my new electric dryer (after a sun dried tomato failure - mold - I purchased the electric dryer) have kept beautifully. I'm going to do more with herbs, fruits, teas and vegetables ... come on summer!!!!! -Sandy

Egghead said...

I would love to have a solar dryer as well. So can we all line up and have Byron build us one? Come on Byron.