Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Hedge Fiasco and Baby Chick Pics

Today I went and spent way too much money on shrubs I didn't really want but now I need. My agrivat....idio....inconsi...anyway neighbor bulldozed all his beautiful citrus trees and put in a tree nursery complete with black plastic ground cover, pvc pipe and plastic green houses.

O.K. no problem. He makes more money growing trees to sell than fruit. If it isn't enough that he ruined my bee-uutiful sweet smelling view, he put in a road that is made out of crushed something another with the consistency of talcum powder. So when it is dry, great clouds of white dust drifts on the southern wind and settles all over my cars, garden and house. I really need to read the Deliberate Agrarian's recent blog post on forgiveness. I'm struggling.

The only solution I could think of other than punching him in the nose and spending jail time is to put up a hedge to block the view and the great dust bowl. I know that we are having an economic recession, but did my neighbor have to add effects?

Well, I bought 25 three gallon Russian Olive shrubs from Bantings Nursery (the bestest nursery in the area, that woman is so smart). They are not exactly native or what I might would have planted had I more time, but they grow fast, are extremely leafy and quit growing at 10 feet. All the perfect features for the space and needs. I'll have to do this in sections because we need one shrub every three feet. Yikes we have 600 feet to cover! We need 200 of them. Maybe I could swing a bargain on the rest of them.

Here's some pics of my newest baby chicks. I think I'll be able to let them in the yard in about two weeks. Hey, What's up?
I can see better since I got these glasses.
Look at the nerd with the glasses.


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness... how frustrating for you!

Egghead said...

Darn. Too bad about the trees but I just love the first photo of the chick and the glasses on the other. Cute!