Thursday, May 22, 2008

Garden Update

Most of the tropicals survived the winter very well. They were put inside (my house..eek) when a freeze threatened. It was worth it. They are off to a wonderful start. This is the potted tropicals on my back porch. Sagos do well in the ground and are fairly frost hardy. I grew the one in the pot so that it could be moved to where ever I needed an anchor or impact in the garden. It is getting fairly large, so I might move it into the ground soon. I love the angel wing begonia in the front with the dark purplish green leaves and the hanging blossoms. Begonias root well in water from cuttings.
This is what started out as my jazz garden. There was a trumpet fountain, but it died so was removed. All the broken pots end up in this garden. The shards provide interest and also keep the weeds down in areas where there are no plants. Also I can't bear to part with my beautiful pots that usually met their demise in wind storms or were dropped when moving them (by me).
Here is a close up of the small pond. If you enlarge it you can see the goldfish peeping out. It is the only survivor of ten. It's actually fairly large now and has survived two winters, snakes, frogs, cats and birds. Smart cookie.
This is a small tropical bed I planted on the corner. In the left hand corner you can see an heirloom plant blooming. It's called crinums. The canna is a tropicanna. In another month the bed will be covered with lime green and purple sweet potato vines.


Miss Riya said...

I'm cool with the whole gardening-organic-back to the basics thing as long as you guys don't start running around in fig leaves! ;-) just kidding! The grounds are looking absolutely scrumptious my dear. Give my regards to hubby and the little darlings. Ta Ta for now.

Miss Riya said...

It's me again my O.C.D. side won't let me buy into that imperfection thing you recently posted about! I noticed my error right as I was clicking submit. I think it's supposed to be SCRUMPTUOUS! Hey TIFF maybe you should be worried... I'm going to be a public school teacher in the not too distant future! Well at least you can be reassured....we're not the experts. ;-)

JeanSkirtGirl said...

I love your garden and flower"s. keep up the good work you are doing alsome!!

Egghead said...

I love the idea of using the broken pieces of pots in your flower bed. I think I might steal that idea. It should help keep the slugs away as well. They don't like sharp things on their slimy bellies.