Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why I chose Plain Old Kristi

Why "Plain Old Kristi" for my blog spot? When trying to think of a name I asked my husband, "What do people call Me?" I answered my own question with, "Nothing, they just call me plain old Kristi." Really that's exactly what I am! Myself.

I guess a blog is just a sort of published journal, but I have really learned some great things on the blogs I visit. My favorite are those on simplicity, sustainability, gardening and small farming. I live on 3 acres and am attempting to turn it into a sort of organic oasis in the middle of commercial citrus orchards.

I have planted my own mini orchard of citrus. I have numerous fruit and nut trees, a veggie garden and I am getting chickens in February! Recently I ordered a bunch of heirloom seeds from (I believe) Bakers creek Farm. Their site is "". Can't wait to try them.

It's amazing how little I know about farming or farm animals when both of my parents grew up on rural farms. They just moved to the city and all was lost. Fortunately for me, my parents took me to visit my Grandmother on her farm and I lived in her garden or in the pastures when I was there.

I'm really still learning, but my desire is for my three acres to be sustainable. I would like my gardens to be pesticide and chemical fertilizer free. Today my husband, Byron, made hardware cloth bins for me to put the leaves I raked in. I plan to compost the leaves and use them in my garden. I can't wait to see how it improves my garden. I had a really nice first year garden before Hurricane Katrina, but had to start over. This is the first season I have planted veggies since the storm. I planted a cold season crop and they are doing all right. I need to improve.

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