Monday, December 31, 2007

Easy Steps

The last day of 2007. I can't help it. I'm a compulsive resolution maker, and I do a pretty decent job of keeping the easy ones. So I decided to make all of them easy this year.

Instead of "lose 25 lbs", I'm going to lose 2 lbs per month and by 2009 I'll be my idea weight. That's a boring resolution I know, but I have two others! Do devotion daily (read my Bible and pray) and Stick with my monthly budget. I love Dave Ramsey. He's the only one that ever made finances seem comprehensible to me!

It's certainly not the only things I need to improve or do this year, but I believe if I accomplish these things my life will be better.

I already try daily to improve and refine my daily routines. I do know that this year I would like to find pleasure in day to day chores. I no longer dread them, but I can't really say I enjoy them. Recently I decided to bake all of my bread ($3.99 organic loaf Vs. $.75 homemade organic loaf). I find that I really like to do it. I'm always looking for new easy recipes. I found a really easy no knead loaf. I'll share it in future posts.

So 2008 I'm going to take you in easy steps.

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