Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quilting and How To Make a Pinwheel Square

Inspiration...This mag inspired me...first my Sister Ginger bought this magazine....I wanted it...She refused to relinquish I had to go buy my own. I love the quilt on the front.  It's not so perfect, and  I love that!

I'm not a fan of those matchy matchy quilts that are all even and perfect. They make me feel...well...uncomfortable. Like being in a living room where everything matches...and you know...where no one ever goes.

Well there isn't a room like that in my house. Never will there be.  We use every inch in our house.  I like quilts like that.  Not a hang on the wall quilt...A snuggle under quilt is better.
So I'm attempting to make a similar quilt using scraps from some sewing projects.
You make the whole square from 2 inch strips of fabric.  Starting with 2" X 2" squares and going out from there until you form a roughly 12 1/2" X 12 1/2" Square.  I iron each seam after sewing.  Hopefully that will help make it look nice.  I don't know,  somewhere I heard ironing is the key to good sewing.  Sooo....I've been ironing ever since.  At least my seams.  As anyone who knows me... knows I hate to iron.  My husband just forced me to buy a full sized ironing board.  I've been using a little traveling one forever.  I'm kinda glad he did....don't tell him!
Looka how sweet!
I do like this look.  The colors are fun and unpredictable.  Makes you wanna stare.

Started the next one!  Here you can see the layout of a square before it's sewn.
This is a not so good pin wheel square.  I like this one too.  It's really easy.  I'll show you how.
Cut out four squares.  These are about 4".  I just stack the fabric up and use a template and rotary cutter.  Just discovered these rotary cutters and I like them a lot.  You can cut out four squares lickity split.
Yep...there they are.  Four lovely squares.  I like using unexpected fabrics and colors together.
Put two squares top side facing one another and draw a line diagonally down the center.
Sew a seam on each side (not on the line) of the line.
Then cut along the line to divide the squares in half and into triangles.
Iron them flat this way.....
Then iron them open.  It will form four squares of two fabrics each.  Assemble in the pattern you want...
 Sew two squares facing each other together...iron flat.  Sew the other two squares facing each other together...iron flat....(Is this confusing?)  Then sew the two pieces together facing each other...iron flat.  It's really easy once ya get it....and fast (Which I like).
The second one turned out much better I must say.  Not content to start one quilt...I started two.  Not smart.  Now I'll have to finish them......smiles and smiles!


Betsy said...

WOW...some of that material looks so the kids would say, you are really milking
Cant wait to see the finished product!!

the fresh gardener said...

wow beautiful! i'm so impressed with anyone who can sew. i'd love to see the finished product!