Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Around The House and Gardens

What a wonderful mess of yarn and color... the pumpkin is from my garden.  I've picked four so far.
I've just bought a really neat book on Granny Squares...I'm rediscovering them and they're so much fun.

It's a great way to use up all the little balls of left over yarn and end up with a really groovy blanket.
The little ones are by Tera.  She's pretty good at it.
Close up.
I went to Red, White and Blue (a local thrift store), and found all kinds of treasures.  I loved this paint by number!  The colors are great, pale greens, pale aquas, and beiges.  I painted the frame a shade of green I created using aqua and camel.  Nice.

Yep, painting the frame gives it a completely different look...instead of hunter or hunting cabin....enchanted forest in a Grimm's fairy tale!

I also found a complete set of pink Boontonware!!!  I'm going to use these!  They were pretty dirty and stained up.  Magic erasers work wonders.  I got the whole set for $7.95.  Hopefully they won't break as easily as glass when they inevitably hit my slate tile floor.

Chickens in the mist...and boots.

Baby chicks are growing!
So is the summer garden...a bit overgrown!  July is always the worst month for my garden.  At least in the weed department, but most plants are growing their hearts out during this time.  Veggies don't produce much.  They just can't take the heat.....except okra of course.

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Texan said...

Love the granny squares,I have been thinking I wanted to make some myself and do pillows. :O)