Friday, March 23, 2012

Too Much

Water is an almost daily factor to consider when living in Louisiana.  At least where I live the more extreme southern tip of Louisiana.  On the left is the Mississippi River, the other the Marshes, behind is the Intracoastal canal, and in front the Gulf of Mexico.  To get out of Plaquemines parish you must cross a bridge or take a exceptions.  It makes for a very safe Parish.  There's no where for criminals to run to!

But on days like this you not only have to consider the water you see everyday, but the water flooding the roadway, puddling in your yard, filling your shoes, DROWNING YOUR GARDEN!!!!

Really, honestly....I'm not complaining.   This is just what it means to live here!  I try hard, but don't often succeed in understanding the plight of those who live in drought prone areas.  I just can't imagine not having enough water. 
Water is life!  I know hurricanes and floods scare the heck out of people who aren't from the deep south..., but not having enough water scares the heckaroo out of me!  Often I've thought I would just love living in Wyoming...but when I think of the snow ....well....I change my mind completely.  Maybe that's how people from there feel about here and our hurricanes. 

It just rained over four inches in just a matter of hours.  The rain drops were so large that the few feet I ran from the front door to the car left me soaked.  If you've never driven or been in a Louisiana rain it can be pretty scary.  The above picture is of a culvert near where our drive meets the hwy.  In the fifteen minutes I sat waiting with Tera for her bus, I watched the culvert go from half way covered to almost all the way covered.  I wouldn't want to fight the current that was created from the rushing water flowing into that pipe.

So after getting the girls off to school I walked around the garden to survey what if any damage the high winds and heavy rains caused.  Not so much actually.  My only concern is that the sun may come out before the standing water has had time to recede and scald the plants.  It's still early in the year so it likely will not get hot enough. 
There's even standing water in the raised beds.  The heavy rains is another reason why raised beds work much better for me.
I have to look out for snakes while trudging through the flooded paths.
Eeeeks....oh well,  I think they'll perk back up soon.

....yep....It's drenched.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah mine are still waiting to be planted..we will soon! miss riya planted hers today! cool beans!