Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How To Make a $3 Rocket Stove

Hee Hee,  This is so much fun.  I love projects such as this.  You get to play with fire outside.  Really we tried this project out to see if maybe it would work as a simple stove we could use when we camp on/visit our property in Mississippi.

It works really well too!  The water was boiling in very little time once Byron figured out the trick to working it.  The materials cost about $3.00 at Home Depot (you might even find these materials lying around your place) and it took Byron all of a few minutes to make it. 

The materials needed are:

1 cinder block
1 1/2 cinder block
small flat brick
three stones (to act as trivet on top, I plan to find a discarded trivet from an old stove to use instead)

Then:  Knock out 2/3 of the divider in the whole cinder block using a hammer and chisel.  Stack the 1/2 block on top.  Next put the small flat brick on the front 1/2 of the open side of the whole cinder block. 

The trick to working the stove effectively is to collect small twigs and sticks to use as fuel.  Once Byron started putting in large pieces the whole stove went out.  Small sticks and twigs work best.  You start a small fire under the "chimney" then add small twigs through the opening to build the fire and keep it going.

Recently we put our gate up on our property.  Next we plan to spend lots of time observing and taking notes in order to decide where best to install swales and ponds.  I want to do it right the first time.  Also it will save time and money when we have to bring in large equipment to move earth. 

Since we will be spending time there without a cabin or house...we'll camp!  Which suits me just fine.  I adore sleeping outside.  So these rocket stoves will come in handy as a free and easy way to cook.  There is abundant wood on the property and finding fuel for the stove is as easy as picking up the sticks that are already lying around.  I'm also thinking that...this may be a good way to cook during the summer right here!  Save on A/C bills maybe!


Jennifer said...

Neat idea, you are definitely gonna have some good getaway time this summer...on another note, I planted two packs of lettuce seeds thanks to your last we'll see what happens.

han_ysic said...

Seriously going to try and buy all this today and try... I love the idea of the rocket stove, but all designs have needed metal flues and things that are expensive or hard to get... watch out hardware store, here I come.

Angela Mc said...

That looks neat! CJ wants to go camping when he finally gets home

Mark McDermott said...

Looks great and simple. I'm looking to upsize a design that I can use to make beer (5 gallon boil). Question is how long the cinderblock will last with a fire going inside? Hope you'll update as you go along.