Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How To Make Pear Sauce!

My girls love apple sauce....So when I saw my pear trees dripping with pears this year I decided to make pear sauce!  It's really yummy and totally organic.  I modified the recipe for apple sauce in the "Complete Book of Home Preserving by Ball" on page 182.  I'll post the modified recipe at the end of this post.

I picked quite a few pears....peeled and peeled....
....chopped and chopped.....the water has citric acid in it to prevent browning.  You can also use lemon juice....
....cooked the slices until just tender.....
...pureed in the food processor until very fine (I love my old Pyrex bowls)....
....added some sugar, lime juice (I had frozen lime juice from the trees on hand)...and heated up the sauce....
Jarred the sauce....yummmmmm......
...canned the jars in a water bath....then....11 pints of yummy pear sauce to eat right now and later!

Pear Sauce Recipe
Makes around 11 to 12 pints

25 lbs (about) of pears peeled and sliced in chunks away from core
Put cores and peelings in your compost bucket!
3 cups of granulated sugar
4 tblsps of lime or lemon juice

Prepare jars and canner
(wash jars then boil to sterilize...I save the boiled water for canning later)
Cook chunks of pear until just tender (add enough water to keep from sticking)
Dip chunks of pear from water (discard or drink water) and puree in food processor until fine
Return puree to large pot
Add sugar and lime or lemon juice
Heat until bubbly
Fill prepared jars leaving 1/2 inch head space
Cap with prepared lid and band
Place in canner with water at least two inches above top of jars
Bring to a boil
Process 20 minutes at a rapid boil
Turn off heat and let set 5 minutes
Remove from canner and allow to cool!
Jars will make a popping sound when sealed
Do Not push down button that indicates sealing on lid


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Kristi, isn't it wonderful to have your own Pear trees :o) This year we had a good harvest of them ..I made Pear Butter which is similar to your Pear Sauce..hubby likes it plain or on ice cream or cake. I think next year I will have to make more of it :o)

Texan said...

I can't eat apples am allergic to them. I make pear sauce! I love it. My recipe is a bit different than yours but I am sure you guys will love the pear sauce! I use pears in place of apples in all recipes. They work great!

JeanSkirtGirl said...

yum!! I want some pear butter!!! love carmecita