Monday, June 13, 2011

Blueberries and The First Fig

Byron's uncle has some friends with huge old blueberry bushes in their yard.  Unbelievably, they don't pick them!  So when they are ripe they call Byron's Uncle, who calls Byron's Father, who calls us!  Then, we all pile into the car with water bottles and sunscreen and drive up to Mississippi to pick plump juicy sweet and sometimes tart blueberries!  This year we picked plenty to freeze... fresh right away...
...and dry!  This is the first time I've ever dried blueberries.  I may have dried them a little much, but they'll most likely be fine for baking.  I'll just rehydrate them a little.  The book said to blanch them in boiling water first for 30 seconds.  I did and this is what they looked like when I put them on to dry.
Today I walked my usual rounds checking on everything and I noticed the figs are getting a little glow to them.  When I peeked a little closer I noticed under a large leaf this huge fig!  It's beautiful... the color is so rich....and did I say it's huge!

Inside...Me, Seleste and Talia shared it.  We each got a nice piece of only one fig!  I hope the rest are as yummy!


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

How blessed that they call you and you Harvest them..
What kind of Fig tree is that...the fig looks beautiful, I've planted three and they have all died :o(

Anonymous said...

I do believe that is the biggest fig I've ever seen!

Looks delicious too.

I planted two fig trees in containers this spring and they are already bearing...they are delicious, too, although not as huge as this one.