Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chamomile Tea and the Garden & my camera

The flowers are blooming faster than I thought possible.  Every thing's brown then wham...not anymore!  There are small citrus, peach and pear fruit on the trees.  We're already picking mulberries and loquats.  My small creole garlic is turning brown already.  So, I pulled one up to discover a perfect garlic bulb with a rosy tinge...the lettuce, greens, and turnips are bolting...I'll save the seed.  The beans and pea plants are getting tall....loving it.
My Moonglow Iris...
...they do glow in the moonlight!
...I've had a terrible respiratory infection....despite...I went outside to pick some chamomile flowers...
....I plan to make chamomile tea with them....I love chamomile tea at night.  It does make me drowsy and I love it's naturally sweet honey flavor.  It doesn't need any sweeteners at all.....I'm so excited about brewing my first cup of homegrown chamomile.  I planted it last fall.  I'm not sure how it will fare in the long run in our hot humid climate...but it did just fine even during the frosty snaps this winter.  I'll save some seed for planting in case the plant doesn't make it.
My garlic bed runneth over!!!!  I plan to dry much of it.
Bachelor buttons, kale flowers, and bean poles.
More on Chamomile

Leslie asked "...exactly what kind of camera do you use?"  I use a Nikon D40.  It's actually my husbands...which I gave him a hard time about buying.  He loves to point this out when I use the camera.  I love this camera....I do a lot of cropping....but very very rarely any color adjustment.  I find taking pictures in the morning, evening or when it is overcast gives the best color.  I never use flash if I can help it....I just hate the way flash makes things look....Never regretted buying this camera...I just won't admit it to Byron!


bayoubabe said...

beautiful photos. Wish I could sit by your garden and sip tea with you :)

JeanSkirtGirl said...

nice pic , I love tea yum! love carmen

McKenna said...

Those are some awesome pictures! I can't wait to see it in real life!